Basic guide to configure and troubleshoot LANDesk Data Analytics Discovery Services Remote Agents

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    This article will try to describe the most common problems and their possible causes, that could occur when using Discovery Services Remote Agents.

    This article is not intended to be a complete guide and does not include all options available, that can be configured in Discovery Services Remote Agent (in the rest of this document referred as Remote Scanner)


    For a complete description of Remote Scanners, please visit the following website:


    Before starting your troubleshooting, always make sure, that you have the latest version of LDDA.

    The most up-to-date LDDA version can be downloaded in the following document:

    "LANDesk Data Analytics 9.51 Sustaining Patch Information"

    New LANDesk Data Analytics 9.51 Sustaining Patch Information


    General Information


    A remote scanner is a device, which has a "LANDesk Data Analytics Discovery Services Remote Agent"  and a Landesk Agent installed on it.

    The purpose of it is to run the same scans as Discovery Services on the core server is capable of, but independently from the core server.

    The remote scanner receives its configuration from the core server and then executes the scans in every 24 hour - by default.

    The logfiles of the remote scanner can be found by default in "C:\Users\administrator>"C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Data Analytics\Discovery Services\"


    Installation of the remote scanner:

    Please ALWAYS use the pre-configured scheduled task in the Landesk Console, if you whish to install a remote scanner, Simply drag and drop the target device to the task and start it.



    Configuring the remote scanner

    This can be done on the core server in LDDA > Discovery services > Configurations. You can specify in each configuration, if the given configuration should be available for one or more remote scanners. If you select a device in the below dialog, it will automatically download the configuration and scan according to its settings (in the example only 1 remote scanner is selected with the hostname "W7SP1x64") as it starts its next reular scan.


    There are also 2 command line switches, that can be used for starting a remote scan IN ADDITION to the regular scans.


    The "/NOSERVICE" switch

    Starts an immediate scan using all available configurations for the given device and also refreshes the available configurations from the core server.



    "C:\Users\administrator>"C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Data Analytics\Discovery Services\ManagedPlanet.DiscoveryServices.RemoteScanner.exe" /NOSERVICE"


    The "/CONFIG" switch - only available from LDDA Patch 47 and above

    Starts an immediate scan using the specified configurations in the command - in the below example ONLY the configuration "153 wmi" will be used during the scan



    "C:\Users\administrator>"C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Data Analytics\Discovery Services\ManagedPlanet.DiscoveryServices.RemoteScanner.exe" /CONFIG="153 wmi" /NOSERVICE



    Most common issues


    After installing an LDDA patch on the core server the remote scanners cannot be updated - The scheduled task to deploy the new remote scanner fails with "Failed to download all additional files"

    You might need to reset the hash of the remote scanner distribution package before you can install the updated version of the scanner. This can be done in Landesk Console > Tools > Distribution > Distribution Packages > Public Packages > Data Analytics.



    After installing an LDDA patch on the core server the remote scanners cannot be updated - The scheduled task to deploy the remote scanner fails with error core 1603

    You might need to uninstall the old version before you can push the new remote scanner version to the target device. T


    After deploying a remote scanner it does not appear in Discovery Services  in the Landesk Console

    Alone the installation will not start a remote scan. Please run the remote scanner with the "/NOSERVICE" switch and wait some minutes. After this the scanner should be available in the Discovery Services Configurations.


    If this does not happen,


    Please try to open the following link from on the remote scanner in an Internet Explorer window:



    (Please substitute CORESERVERNAME with the hostname of your core server)


    This should display the following XML website:



    If you receive the an error message instead of the above website, please check the proxy settings of the remote scanner.



    Please refer to the following article for troubleshooting Discovery Services log files.

    The logs created by the remote scanner are identical with the ones created on the core server:


    Basic troubleshooting guide for Landesk Data Analytics - Discovery Services

    Basic troubleshooting guide for Landesk Data Analytics - Discovery Services