Verify prelicensed Emulation client.

Version 1

    How do you verify wether or not your device is prelicensed or not?


    Since only Gun devices are prelicensed, the prelicensing will fail if the OS reports that the device is a brick or short (or non-30xx) device. We require the SymbolSecurity licensing test (where we require SYMSEC_CheckPlatformEx("Wavelink Gemini TelnetCE") to return TRUE) to succeed, but this should happen on ALL MC gun devices and all other Symbol prelicensed devices. To make sure it is a prelicensed MC3090 gun, we also verify that RCM_GetConfigurationData(CONFIG_TYPE_TERMINAL) returns 0x302 or 0x303 (since CE .NET 4.2 -- used only on MC3060 devices -- was not prelicensed), and that RCM_GetConfigurationData(CONFIG_TYPE_TRIGGER) returns 0x600 (bricks return 0xE00; I don't know what shorts return). These tests were recommended by Symbol Engineering when we first implemented the prelicensing support for this device. Recent releases also test that SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETOEMINFO) returns a string that begins with "SYMBOL MC30" (to prevent this Telnet version from being prelicensed on non-MC3000 devices).