Emulation parameter for I2of5 Return Check Digit.

Version 1

    There is a setting in the Emulation Configuration utility to enable the scanner to decode and send the check digit with the decoded information for I2of5.

    This settings is by default on I2of5 barcodes to not return the Check Digit with the decoded information. To enable the scanner to return the check digit you need to open the product configuration and then open the emulation parameters utility.

    In the emulation parameters there is a settings tree to the left of the screen. Navigate through the tree until you have opened the Scanner tab and then open the tab for the I2of5barcode. In the I2of5 barcode tab there is a setting labeled "return CD". This setting needs to be changed from the default "no" to the desired setting "yes". This will return the check digit with the decoded information for that specific barcode type.



    This option is available with multiple other barcode types as well.