Studio COM Client - Manually updating the IP and Radio settings on Symbol S3K

Version 1

    Follow the steps below to manually update the IP and Radio settings on the Symbol Series 3000 handheld devices when using the Studio Avalanche client package:


    1. Cold boot the RF device. (Please reference the Wavelink Studio Client on-line help files for the specific boot sequences for your Symbol Series 3000 device).

    2. When the device's Application Menu displays, press the CLR key.

    3. From the Options menu, choose Configure IP. The password is: system.

    4. The Config menu will appear. From here, you can either choose to set the Network Config (which includes Terminal IP, Name Servers, and Stack Options), Radio Parameters (which include ESS ID, Diversity and Power Management), and Avalanche (which includes Manager Ip address and AVA App Menu options).

    5. When changes have been made, choose Save & Exit from the Config menu.


    Your terminal will then update the flash and inform the user that it will warm boot. Press any key to continue.