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    Terminal Emulation

    Wavelink Terminal Emulation (TE) is the industry leading emulation client and is in use on more than 4 million mobile devices worldwide, including many of the largest retailers in the world. Wavelink TE is the most comprehensive solution for accessing, managing and maintaining connections to applications resident on host systems using popular emulation types that include 5250, 3270, VT and HP emulation. Where other terminal emulators only support some of today’s input types, only Wavelink TE supports virtually all data types. Wavelink TE’s tight integration with mobile computers provides the ability to accept data from the keyboard, barcode scanner, voice inputs, RFID reader, and magnetic stripe reader or touch screen.


    Wavelink Terminal Emulation software features the broadest range of supported devices across all major AIDC mobile device vendors and OS platforms. As an agnostic solution, Wavelink TE family of clients supports Windows based, Android, iOS and DOS/legacy devices, and preserves existing infrastructure investment, while providing an easy migration path to newer devices and technologies.


    Wavelink TE helps your system and people work smarter by providing intelligent data collection and communications functions. Prevent errors and inefficiencies caused by incorrect data entry or scans, take advantage of easy on-screen navigation, and maximize the uptime of your workforce by avoiding dropped connections, directed messages and error notices.


    Wavelink Emulation License Server (Optional):

    The Wavelink Emulation License server makes it easy to distribute and keep track of licenses across a large number of hand held devices by centralizing this function in an easy-to-use application. To download select "Emulation License Server" from the Wavelink Product Downloads menu.


    Wavelink ConnectPro Server (Optional):

    The ConnectPro Server allows you to avoid dropped connections and automatically reconnect by acting as an intermediary connection server between the client device and the host application server. To download select "Emulation ConnectPro Server" from the Wavelink Product Downloads menu.

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