How To: Build a Mac Office 2011 Distribution Package

Version 2


    How to build a Distribution Package for Mac:Office 2011 using the Volume License version.


    When you receive your Volume Licese version of Mac:Office 2011 to deploy out to your Macintosh client, it comes in an ISO format which cannot be dpeloyed via LANDesk. So we need to extract the MPKG out of that, ZIP it up and then we can build a LANDesk Software Distribution package out of it.




    1. Copy the ISO to an Mac OSX machine.
    2. Mount the ISO file in Finder, this can be done just by Double-Clicking on it.
    3. Open the mounted ISO in Finder, and copy the Office Installer.mpkg to your desktop.
    4. Using a compression software such as Keka, or WinZip, ZIP the MPKG so that it becomes an MPKG.ZIP. This is necessary because once we copy the file to the Core Server, we need Windows to see it as a file and not a folder.
    5. Now we can copy to the "Office" to the Core server (Or other Package Source).
    6. In the LANDesk Management Suite console build your SOftware Distribution package selecting the "Office" as the Primary File. (May also show as just being a .ZIP file; as long as you can select it under the Primary File you should be good.)
    7. Save and deploy the package out to the client machines.