What tables in the DB are the CI's and their version information kept?

Version 3

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    Service Desk 7.7.x



    Service Desk - All versions





    In which tables do I find the Configuration Items and their version information.





    The Configuration Items will exist in more than one table. As all Configuration Items will exist in a Child Object to the Configuration Item Object, they will exist in both the parent and the child table.

    They will exist in the Configuration Item table: "cf_config_item" and the relevant Child table. For example, Workstation will be: usr_workstation. Laptop will be: "usr_laptop"


    All version information for any Configuration Item Object that is set to be versioned, will exist in the version tables. These will have the same name as the CI tables but will end with "version"

    For example: "cf_config_item_version. Worksation will be in "usr_workstationversion".