Basic Recommendation for Database Maintenance

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    Database maintenance plans are crucial to a well performing database for both LDMS and Service Desk.  Without maintenance plans to keep the data free of fragmentation and indexing issues, always configure maintenance plans to perform the following scheduled maintenance.

    ***The information below is a representation of what has worked for most customer, but individual results may vary depending on the hardware, size, and utilization of your database.***


    1.  Reindex weekly

         Regular re-indexing of tables or defragmenting of indexes helps to optimize database performance. Also,

         monitor database statistics (especially after large data imports). We recommend that DBAs review index

         fragmentation in the database and if necessary rebuild.

         Microsoft SQL Server provides a standard maintenance plan to rebuild indexes on a database. We

         recommend that you schedule this to run on a weekly basis.


    2.  Reorganize daily


    3.  Backup daily

         We recommend that a regular backup and maintenance plan is in operation against the Service Desk



    NOTE: The implementation of such plans is the responsibility of the customer’s Database Administrator.


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