View Bulk Action Results (Schedule Manager) gives a blank window

Version 2


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    I want to look at the result of my Scheduled Bulk action in Schedule Manager but if I double click on the result or click on "View Bulk action results" all I get is a screen with the following text:


    "Form for System.ScheduledResult does not exist"






    This is happening becuase there is no window created under the relevant Object.




    You will need to create the window. You can do so by going to Window Manager.

    Once you have loaded Window Manager expand the System folder. Then highlight the "Scheduled Result" Object and choose to create "New Window".




    Make sure you add the relevant Attribute on to the window.

    A good advice here is to simply click the "Autopopulate Window" in the actions and all attribute will be added to the window.




    Save your window.