Automatic Update action doesn't update main Incident

Version 4

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    Service Desk 7.8.x



    Service Desk - All Versions





    I have created a windowless action and added this in to my process as an automatic action. On this action, I open the window and I fill in the values I want to update on the Incident, save the process and test this, but the values aren't updated.





    Any windowless action that you would like to update any value on the main window will need to have "Associate to Window" = True. If this isn't set to true, then the system doesn't know to look at any values being added in to the window on this action in Process Designer and so the values will not be updated.





    Remove the action from the Process, this will allow you to update the action in Process Designer. Find the action and set the "Associate to window" = True. Save the action and add this back in to the Process.

    You will notice that you have this set on a windowless action, becuase when you add the action to the process as an automatic action the defualt main window will automatically launch. If the window doesn't launch, then this setting isn't set to true.