Remote Control Bandwidth Consumption

Version 1

    I ran a basic test which ran over 10 seconds.  In the test the RC session started and I tapped the Windows start menu, which appeared and then I collapsed it.  The mode was set to JPG capture using 10 frames a second.

    This consumed 311 frames ranging in size from 54 bytes to the max of 1500 bytes.  The total size of the data transacted was about 67Kbytes, or 6.7 Kbytes per second when averaged.


    In the next test I changed the frames per second to 1 and the mode of capture to Image (quality 30).  The resulted in 86 frames being produced, with a size from 54-1500 bytes.  The total size of the transaction was 33Kbytes, or 3.3Kbytes (26.4Kbits) per second over the test period.


    Obviously over a WLAN, there is no problem at all. Over EDGE (which delivers up to 230Kbps), both should too be OK.  Over GPRS (up to 56Kbps), the user would need to use the latter set of settings, but it is still quite a bit under a typical GPRS connection speed of 56Kbps.


    How much bandwidth does RC use?

    This is configurable and will be based on how much the screen changes as it is being remote controlled.  However, assuming 50% of the screen changes every 5 seconds, this occupies 3.3Kbytes to 6.7Kbytes a second depending on the quality of the image and the frame update rate.