X-Wait message when emulation session is launched

Version 2


    Wavelink TE




    When session is launched, the user sees an X-Wait message on the screen. No login screen is displayed and the session hangs.





    If you are experiencing an X-Wait message as soon as the session is launched, this is due to an Emulation Type mismatch in the host profile. For example. If a host session is supped to be VT220, and it is configured to 5250 you may see this X-Wait message.




    To resolve the X-Wait you will want to launch your Host Profile




    Next, you will select the correct emulation type. This can be changed by selecing the drop down box under Type in your host profile.In this example our host is VT220



    After this has been corrected, save your changes, and re-deploy your settings to your mobile device(s).

    The mobile device should now connect to the host with no problem.