ConnectPro / TermProxy: How to force proxy server connection

Version 3


    Mobile device connecting to host via proxy server using terminal emulation (VT/HP/5250/3270)



    How do I force my mobile devices to connect to the host via the TermProxy (ConnectPro) Server?



    You can force the connection by setting “Only use TermProxy Connections” within the host profile:


    1. Open the Telnet Configuration Utility



    2. Select 'Host Profiles'

    3. Select the host that you would like to edit

    4. Check the box for 'Only use TermProxy connections'


    5. Press OK

    6. Send the configuration to your device using either 'Application and Config' or 'Config Only'



    (NOTE: These installation options will not be available if you are using AvalancheMC or SE to send the package to the device)