How to assign a host profile to a session

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    How to assign a host profile to a session:


    This document goes over how to assign a host profile to a specific session. For example, you may have three host profiles and you have configured your Telnet client to allow three sessions. It is possible to assign a host profile to auto-launch into one of these sessions when they are opened.


    This is done in the Host Profile. I have some screen shots below to help illustrate...



    Select the host you want to assign to a session, and go into AutoLaunch





    Now, there is a drop down box that will have Session 1-4 in it. This is the session that this host profile will be assigned to. IE: If I assigned Host Profile 1 to Session 2, as soon as session 2 is started it will launch into Host Profile 1.




    You can repeat this process for your other host profiles.


    *FYI there is a maximum limit of 4 sessions.