AOD Ports and Device Connection Info

Version 9

    This document is intended to share some useful information regarding AOD ports and System Architecture


    Here are the details for Internet access for Android devices:


    Server address:


    Rugged Device Outbound Port Requirements:

    1777 (Avalanche Management)

    1778 (Avalanche Management)

    8900 (Remote Control only. Device to Remote Control Server)

    1899 (Remote Control only)

    1900 (Remote Control only. Console only)


    Smart Device Oubound Port requirements:


    TCP: 443/5228/5229/5230 – Device communication with GCM

    TCP: 443/7309 - using an ANS Enabler




    TCP 5223 – Device communication with APNs

    TCP 443 – Fallback on Wi-fi only


                Windows Phone 8 Device

                TCP 443


    The hostname for the Avalanche SDS is

    The Hostname for Avalanche MDS is

    The Hostname for Avalanche RC is



    Further information can be found here:…


    Also if anyone needs to access Avalanche from within the stores then then url needed is: along with ports 8080, 443 and 8443.