LANDesk Service Desk 7.6.1 Release Information and Useful Links

Version 6

    Release Information

    LANDesk Service Desk version 7.6.1 was released on July 1st 2013.  This is a point release with various bux fixes and minor enhancements.


    An introduction from Product Management

    Please follow this link for an introduction to this release and information on a new release strategy from our Product Management team: Introducing LANDesk Service Desk 7.6.1.


    How to obtain LANDesk Service Desk 7.6.1

    This version is no longer available to download.


    For the latest version of Service Desk, follow this link:



    Hotfixes for Service Desk 7.6.1

    A cumulative hotfix for Service Desk 7.6 is available to customers with a current maintenance agreement here: Service Desk 7.6.1 Cumulative Hotfixes.


    New Features and other Documentation

    Service Desk 7.6.1 contains some minor enhancements.  Please see the following documents for more information:



    Other specific documents to look at are:


    The full set of manuals are available in the Documentation section of Community here:


    Considerations before upgrading

    For customers not yet using Service Desk 7.6 please see the corresponding section in LANDesk Service Desk 7.6 Release Information and Useful Links for information regarding changes to supported platforms.


    Useful Support Documents

    The following documents have been written to assist with upgrading and initially configuring Service Desk 7.6.1:


    Installation / Upgrades