When I edit and save a mobile device group, the 'Synchronize Now' / 'Deploy Now' icon stays grayed out

Version 3


    Avalanche Mobility Center (AMC) version



    When I edit a mobile device group, the 'synchronize now' icon ( 'deploy now' icon) DeployNowGray.JPG stays grayed out




    • The mobile device group is disabled





    • If you're mobile device group is enabled correctly, then this is a known cosmetic issue




    1. Verify that your Device Group is enabled
    2. If the Device Group is enabled correctly, right click on your "My Enterprise" region and select refresh


    3. You will see the 'Synchronize Now' icon deploy_now.gifbecome active

    NOTE: The 'Synchronize Now' icon may also become active with a single click on the server location or the My Enterprise location


    Another common issue with Mobile Device Groups is when the group dissappears after editing the selection criteria. For more information on that issue, please refer to: