Remote Control not working from Java Console

Version 1

    Environment: Avalanche Site Addition 5.3.0572. Console Java Version. Old and new versions of the Enabler.


    Problem: Not able to use Remote Control 4.1, because the Icons from the Mobile Device Inventory are Grayed Out.

    Grayed RC.PNG 

    Solution/ Workaround: From the Consoles that have the issue, you will need to configure the Remote Control Package, change a parameter (like: Maximum Size from 100 to 101).

    Then send the updated package to a device, and have the device check back into the Server. The ASE server need to know that the device has the updated package. The Remote Control Icon will be active and able to Remote into the devices.

    You can change the Maximum Size parameter back to the original setting if needed. This will allow the other devices to not need an update.