Child Group Locations will not delete.

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    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 5.3

    Environment: AMC 5.3.150, external MSQL 2005 database.


    Problem: They have created new regions and want move some Child Group Locations from another Mobile Device Server to the new region, but when the try to delete the Child Group Location from the old Mobile Device Server it will not delete (no response).

    Child Groups.JPG


    Cause: The Parent Group Location and Child Group Locations had some of the same Exclusions. (This was found in the log file.)



    No Exclusions.JPG


    Solution/ Workaround: Went to the Group Location Properties, and edited the exclusion (to remove all exclusions), save the edit, and then deleted the Child Group Location. After the Child Groups were deleted the Parent Group Location was able to be deleted.