Maxing out at 10 connections when using ConnectPro (TermProxy)

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Session Persistence Server 4.4


    TermProxy connecting to a Linux Telnet Host, and  having an issue with only 10 devices connecting, anything after 10 devices getting  an error "Connection has been terminated "


    You have exceeded per_source limit defaults imposed by your xinetd configuration.



    Modify the default setting for per_source in /etc/xinetd.conf or

    modify the service specific configuration (recommended) under /etc/xinet.d. per_source limits may be set as follows:


    per_source = 10


    per_source may be set to an integer or UNLIMITED (the number represents the number of connections allowed per host).


    see example of  my configuration file below:





    # Define access restriction defaults


    # no_access       =

    # only_from       =

    # max_load        = 0

    cps             = 50 10

    instances       = 300

    per_source      = 99