Task Scheduler not removing completed events

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1


    Avalanche Mobility Center (AMC) 5.0 and later



    Task Scheduler not removing completed events or tasks

    Task Scheduler.JPG


    The root cause of this issue is not currently known.


    Verified Workaround:

    Here are steps you can take in order to resolve this issue should you encounter it.


    1. Log into the Avalanche Web Console

    2. In the tools menu select select 'Scheduled Tasks'
    Task Scheduler_web.JPG

    3. Change the view to 100

    4. Select all of the events by checking the top-left hand box of the Completed Tasks Table (see picture below)

    Task Scheduler3.JPG

    5. Click Delete

    6. Check your AMC Java Console to verify that the events have been successfully removed