What is the CI Audit Trail and why does it display 'No default query' when selected?

Version 3



    What is the 'CI Audit Trail' option when I right click on a Configuration Item and why does it display an error message 'No Default Query defined for Configuration Item Audit Trail Business Object'?




    The CI Audit Trail is a history of the Desktop Manager actions launched for that CI when DTM is configured and you right click on a CI i.e. LANDesk Remote Control or File Transfer.


    If when you select the CI Audit Trail you get the error message above then the default query for this object has not been set in Object Designer. If you find that you are unable to set the default query in Object Designer because all the options on this object are greyed out or 'locked' then you have hit a known Problem reference 5135 where you are unable to set the default query.


    To workaround this, set the default query flag on the query manually in Console:


    1. Create a window for the Metadata -> Query Template object, including the “Is Default?” attribute.

    2. Create a query on the same object which will give you a list of queries.

    3. Launch into the query you want as the default for that object (ie. Any query based on that object) and you can tick the box and save the window.


    However the CI Audit Trail checks against a different flag to check if a query is set or not for the Configuration Item Audit Item object (Problem 5202), so you will also need to run the attached script to set this flag correctly.


    Please raise with support if you encounter this problem.




    ServiceDesk 7.4 - 7.6.1