How to troubleshoot policy status reporting

Version 12

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    1. On the core server navigate to c:\program files\landesk\managementsuite directory.
    2. Open the APMService.ini file


    You should see something similar to the following:





    Add the following:




    1. Verify that the ldmain\sdstatus\stored directory was created.  If the stored directory does not get created.  Please create it.
    2. Enable XTrace for sdclient
    3. Rerun the policy or detached tasks 
    4. Check the sdclient log to make sure the status is being sent by sdclient.  
            Log Location: LDCLIENT\DATA
    5. Verify that the status XML file was forwarded by the alert service by checking the alert.log in the %ProgramFiles%\landesk\shared files folder on the client.  This log should list the status for the HTTP post to the core server and should look something like:
      2009-03-03 22:30:10(5252-5544) alert.exe:Processing alert internal.192_168_0_15.swd_sdclient.status instance
      2009-03-03 22:30:11(5252-5544) alert.exe:Alert transmitted to http://[email protected]/incomingdata/postcgi.exe?prefix=sdstatus\&suffix=.swd.xml
    6. Check the IIS log on the core for the HTTP POST results. 
      (The default location for the log files is C:\Inetpub\logs\logfiles\w3svc1)
    7. Verify event is in the stored policy events in ldmain\sdstatus\stored. Also verify that the event was not put into the badstatus directory (Ldmain\sdstatus\badstatus).
    8. Check APMStatusUpdateHandler.exe.log for errors.  (LDMS 9.0sp2 and later)
    9. Check the version of the Core Server. The latest support packs must be installed. See Community article 1001.