When selecting or adding items to a Reference List in Administration an Object Reference error is displayed

Version 3



    When selecting a Reference List or adding items in Administration a message is displayed saying:


    “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”




    When list items are displayed or added in Administration the attribute with ‘Is Name’ property in Object Designer is displayed in the tree to show the items. If one of the list items does not have the ‘Is Name’ attribute populated (including soft deleted) then an object reference error is displayed.




    The solution is to create a query in Query and Report Designer on the list object. In the General Options of the query ensure that the ‘Include Soft Deleted records’ option is selected. This is to show any soft deleted list items. Then ensure the ‘Is Name’ attribute is populated for all records. This can be done by launching the items from the list.


    The ‘Is Name’ attribute can be made mandatory to prevent the field not being populated, or can be changed to another value.


    If you receive this problem please report it to your support provider quoting Problem reference 5771.