MC9190 battery swap (battery removal) causes scanner to stop working during Telnet session

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.0



    • MC9190 (MC9100, MC9190-G, etc) running Windows Mobile (WM) 6.5 or Windows Embedded (CE) 6.0
    • Lorax Scanner



    • Scanner does not work after taking out the battery and replacing it with a new one
    • Scanner stops working after removing and replacing battery during a telnet session



    • Red LED light on the keypad shows that the scanner is being pressed
    • Laser stops working after the battery is replaced



    This is a known issue from Motorola and they have a patch for it.



    Here are two Motorola support articles regarding this issue:


    Windows Mobile 6.5


    CE 6.0


    Also these issues have been addresed in the latest OS update for the MC9190 which can be downlaoded (after verification of entitlement) from the following links:


    OSUpdate Package v03.37.02 for MC91XX CE6.0

    Update Loader Package v03.47.02 for MC9190 WEHH 6.5 Classic


    Contact Motorola for additional support: