LANDesk Patch News Bulletin: Mcrosoft Patch Tuesday Content Released for June 2008

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    LANDesk Security and Patch News


    • (June 10, 2008) Microsoft released seven security updates as part of Patch Tuesday. These updates address vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows and can be downloaded from the LANDesk global host servers. Please visit the following page for more details:



    New Content




    • Vulnerability ID: MS08-030


                   - Vulnerability in  Bluetooth Stack Could Allow Remote Code Execution (951376)


    • Vulnerability ID: MS08-031


    - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (950759)\


    • Vulnerability ID: MS08-032


    - Cumulative Security Update of ActiveX Kill Bits (950760)\


    • Vulnerability ID: MS08-033


                   - Vulnerabilities in DirectX Could Allow Remote Code Execution (951698)


    • Vulnerability ID: MS08-034


                   - Vulnerability in WINS Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (948745)


    • Vulnerability ID: MS08-035


                   - Vulnerability in Active Directory Could Allow Denial of Service (953235)


    • Vulnerability ID: MS08-036


                   - Vulnerabilities in Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM) Could Allow Denial of Service (950762)





    Changed Content

    • Malicious Software Removal Tool (Microsoft releases an updated version of this tool on the second Tuesday of each month, and as needed to respond to security incidents. You can run the tool from this Web page anytime or download it to your computer).


                   - Reason:  Microsoft releases an updated version of this tool on the second Tuesday of each month, and as needed to respond to security incidents.


    • Vulnerability ID: MS04-045,MS06-052,MS07-064,MS08-003,MS08-023,MS08-024, MS07-064_VISTA, MS08-023_VISTA, MS08-024_VISTA


                   - Reason:  Adding the supercedence information.





    New Patch Downloads

    • ie5.01sp4-kb950759-windows2000sp4-x86-enu._IacQQ.exe

    • ie6.0sp1-kb950759-windows2000-x86-enu._9XEwA.exe

    • ie7-windowsserver2003-kb950759-x86-enu._Ll5eA.exe

    • ie7-windowsserver2003.windowsxp-kb950759-x64-enu._ET7gQ.exe

    • ie7-windowsxp-kb950759-x86-enu.-klT6Q.exe

    • windows-kb890830-v1.42._q57hg.exe

    • windows-kb890830-x64-v1.42._6eOSA.exe

    • windows2000-kb948745-x86-enu.-qjdqQ.exe

    • windows2000-kb949014-x86-enu.-IF_tg.exe

    • windows2000-kb950760-x86-enu._t-Qlw.exe

    • windows2000-kb951698-v2-dx8-enu._TeKiw.exe

    • windows2000-kb951698-v2-dx9-enu._q2I8Q.exe

    • windows2000-kb951698-x86-enu.-G5YOg.exe

    • windows6.0-kb949014-x64._NbFyQ.msu

    • windows6.0-kb949014-x86._W3KqA.msu

    • windows6.0-kb950759-x64._NBWwQ.msu

    • windows6.0-kb950759-x86.-o9SIA.msu

    • windows6.0-kb950760-x64._EpxYg.msu

    • windows6.0-kb950760-x86.-mojPw.msu

    • windows6.0-kb950762-x64._1Mttw.msu

    • windows6.0-kb950762-x86._OpCNw.msu

    • windows6.0-kb951376-x64.-RSaUw.msu

    • windows6.0-kb951376-x86._8tEkw.msu

    • windows6.0-kb951698-x64.-PCmMQ.msu

    • windows6.0-kb951698-x86.-s1Fjw.msu

    • windowsserver2003-kb948745-x86-enu._r1uhA.exe

    • windowsserver2003-kb949014-x86-enu.-os3hw.exe

    • windowsserver2003-kb949269-x86-enu._aEIzQ.exe

    • windowsserver2003-kb950759-x86-enu._B29hg.exe

    • windowsserver2003-kb950760-x86-enu.-fNRiQ.exe

    • windowsserver2003-kb950762-x86-enu.-zlb-A.exe

    • windowsserver2003-kb951698-x86-enu._zx0gA.exe

    • windowsserver2003.windowsxp-kb948745-x64-enu._mJMwg.exe

    • windowsserver2003.windowsxp-kb949014-x64-enu._-xvYg.exe

    • windowsserver2003.windowsxp-kb949269-x64-enu.-b_36g.exe

    • windowsserver2003.windowsxp-kb950759-x64-enu.-PaSyA.exe

    • windowsserver2003.windowsxp-kb950760-x64-enu.-CE4pg.exe

    • windowsserver2003.windowsxp-kb950762-x64-enu.-9a94w.exe

    • windowsserver2003.windowsxp-kb951376-x64-enu.-zA3oA.exe

    • windowsserver2003.windowsxp-kb951698-x64-enu.-yJzew.exe

    • windowsxp-kb949269-x86-enu._V17Mg.exe

    • windowsxp-kb950759-x86-enu.-3EUQQ.exe

    • windowsxp-kb950760-x86-enu._2JofA.exe

    • windowsxp-kb950762-x86-enu.--g4zg.exe

    • windowsxp-kb951376-x86-enu.-sMvpA.exe

    • windowsxp-kb951698-x86-enu.-cUCqg.exe

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