How to optimize the time to create or update a ticket through inbound mail

Version 3

    It can take a long time between the time when a end user sends an email to the service desk and the time when the ticket is created or updated if no maintenance is done or if the setup is not appropriate to the environment.


    There are 2 ways to optimize this time;


    1. By choosing the right "Poll time" in Configuration Centre;

          a- Go on your Web browser and connect on the Configuration Centre interface, then choose the right instance

          b- Under Configured Services section, Stop the service "Inbound Service"

          c- Click on the button Edit in front of the service "Inbound Service" and the following popup will appear



         d- 1 minute is the minimum value, it means that every minute the emails currently unread in the Service Desk mailbox will be treated by the Inbound Service. An appropriate time has to be chosen dependant on the volume of emails and also the IT capabilities (Network, Server processors etc).

          e- Start the Inbound Service again.


    Explanation: If this value is too small for a Service Desk with a lot of emails arriving and also with an IT environment not designed to handle such a load, the system will struggle because the frequency is too high. Basically, the Inbound Service won't have the time to handle the totality of the unread emails before the next time the Inbound Service will run again etc. It will certainly lead to a quick increase of the time to process the emails maybe to a crash of the service.



    2. By regularly archiving or deleting the Read emails in the Inbox of the Service Desk Mailbox through a rule programmed on the mail server or another way for example


    Explanation: The Inbound Mail Service will screen all the emails currently present in the Inbox of the Service Desk Mailbox regardless their status (i.e. Read or Unread). Then if a lot of them remains, it will take a lot of time to treat the Unread emails.