How to set a default value for the Primary Group when creating a contact via inbound mail

Version 4


    Landesk/Ivanti Service Desk - All




    As described in this article, when an email from a new user creates a new incident within Service Desk, the "Company" attribute is mandatory.


    In that case, you may also need to create a new user with a default value for the "Primary Group," even if it's non-mandatory.




    To do that, you can use the SQL script attached below.


    This will also pre-populate the Primary Group drop down with the same value when creating new Contacts in Administration.  However, you can change this before saving the user.


    To revert the behavior, run the following SQL statement:


    UPDATE md_attribute_type 
    SET md_default_value = NULL 
    WHERE md_guid = '5570AA63-68C9-4D2A-A3E1-AF6250480139'