HTML 5 Remote Control - Integrated Security Login Screen Reloads

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5


    When attempting to remote control a client via HTML 5 remote control, the credentials page reloads after clicking login.



    Client cannot communicate with or resolve the core.



    Load as agent with Local Template on the client machine and attempt remote control.



    Resolve DNS issues.

    -Stale DNS records

    -Unable to resolve Core by Hostname or FQDN

    -Unable to communicate back to Core


    Integrated security requires the client is able to communicate back to the core on the address provided in the client configuration. This is to Authenticate the user. Local template does not require that communication Testing with Local Template bypasses the need for the client to communicate with the core. This will determine whether or not RC is working properly or not.