How to create an alert related to the Inventory History in LANDesk Mangement Suite 8.8

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    Endpoint Manager 9.5



    In LDMS 8.8 the Alerting mechanism has been dramatically changed. This document describes how to use Alerting to monitor the inventory attribute modification.


    To illustrate the procedure a movie has been attached to this document.


    Note: To play it the VMWARE codec may be required. It is freely available on the VMWARE web site:





    1. In the LANDesk 32 bit Console click on Configure -> Inventory History and select the attributes you want to monitor in the Inventory and AMS columns. (As of LANDesk 8.8 Service Pack 1 the "AMS" column is now the "Alert" column.)
    2. In the left pane (Toolbox) click on Alerting under Configuration.
    Right click on the "Core alert ruleset" and choose Edit.


    • Click on the left pane on "Alerts" then click in the center pane "All alerts."
    Click once on "Inventory Server - Attribute modified."


    In the right pane press "Add" under "Rules" and the "Configure Ruleset" pane appears at the bottom of the window


    Drag and drop "Inventory Server - Attribute modified" to the "Alerts" well in the bottom pane


    • Click on Actions and drag and drop the appropriate action in the "Actions" well in the bottom pane
    • Click on Time and drag and drop the appropriate time in the "Time" well in the bottom pane
    • Press OK, then OK again.
    Press "Publish" under Ruleset in the right pane and click "OK" to publish the ruleset.


    • Exit the alert configurator (Flex console).
    • Now if you click on "Core alert ruleset" you should see an entry for "Inventory Server - Attribute Modified."