Video Tutorial - Notify Assignee when Incident is updated by anyone but the Assignee

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    How can I notify the assigned user if a note is added by anyone else?




    This is a video tutorial showing you how to easily allow the assigned Analyst to be notified if a note is added to the Incident by anyone else than the assigned user.



    Steps taken in this video:


    1. Go to Process Designer - Business Object. Expand Incident Management - Incident and create a new decision.




    2. Add this Decision in to your relevant Process




    3. For the YES route on the Decision you want link back directly to the Open status. (Or the status the Add Note is linked from)

    For the NO route on the Decision you want to link this to an automatic "Add Reminder" action.


    4. When you add the "Add Reminder" action to the Incident it will automatically launch the Add Reminder action. We want to fill this in as according to below:




    5. Next we need to add in the Copy Rule that will populate the Raise User atribute on the Note window. Go to Window Manager. Expand Incident Management and highlight the Note Object. In the Action Panel click "Business Object Copy Rule".

    Expand Incident Management and right click on Note. Select New Rule.

    Create the rule according to below:


    copy rule.jpg


    This will now all be set to notify the assigned user if anyone but the assigned user is adding a note to the Incident.






    Why do we use Raise User and not Creation User in our Decision?


    Raise User will allow the decision to work as should when the note is being added from an email.

    The Creation User will always populate with the user responsible for creating the note. When the Note is being added by the email the creation user will be system (The user set to run the Inbound Mail service)

    The Raise User will always populate with the user behind the Note. So if the note is being added by an email the Raise User will link back to the user via the email address and populate with the user who sent the email.