Security Vulnerability on the Cloud Services Appliance

Version 8

    There has been an issue identified on the Cloud Services Appliance that could possibly allow root login.  To be able to remediate this, you can do the following:


    1. Apply the update Security_1 on the 4.2 Cloud Services Appliance or
    2. You can do it manually by following the below steps for disabling Root login via SSH.
      • Open a putty session with the gateway by following
      • Once you have established this connection, enter the following commands.
      • cd /etc/ssh
      • sudo vi sshd_config
      • Type i then look for #PermitRootLogin yes and change this to PermitRootLogin no then add the following line AllowUsers admin
        • It will loook something like

                        Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 6.35.06 AM.png

      • Hit esc then :wq which will save and then close the file.
      • Then enter sudo passwd -l root to lock the root account.
      • Restart the Cloud Services Appliance sudo reboot.
      • Disable SSH on the trusted services page


    Once this is done, only the admin account will be able to SSH into the device.  Because this is the case, make sure the password for the admin account is a complex password with numbers, symbols, uppercase, and lowercase letters.