AMC: Package Converter

Version 2

    Package Converter is a utility that ships with AMC.. Package Converter is a command line utility that has a few different uses. Below is a list of command line switches.



    The Avalanche Package Converter requires Java JRE or JDK version 1.3.1_03 or above to run.  The Java executable should be in the search path.

    Available options:

    -k                            Build a synthetic CTT file from the PPF.
                                  The generated CTT will be back-dated by a day
                                  so that Avalanche 3.3.1+ immediately replaces
                                  it. Useful if the package is to be used
                                  in Avalanche 3.3.0 and older which does not
                                  recognize V3 packages.

    -h                            Show help page
    -m "main executable"          An optional v3 main executable

    -n                            Don't try V3 conversion if V2 conversion
                                  fails. i.e. act strictly as a V2->V3
    -r "<new package name>"       Rename the output package to this new name                             

    -s "<vendor name>"            Use this vendor name instead of
                                  "Wavelink Corporation"
    -v                            Run in verbose mode.


    runit <Switch> <FileName> <NewFileName>