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    Mobile Device Management for Ivanti Endpoint Manager and Endpoint Security

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    IEM 2017 / LDMS 2016 | LDMS 9.6


    LDMS 2016
    Currently Supports: iOS version 8.0+ , Android version 4.4(API 19)+ , Google Chromebooks
    LDMS Mobility 2016 Training : LDMS 2016 Mobility training
    LDMS Mobility 2016.3 Training: LDMS 2016.3 Mobility training

    Start Here : Getting Started with Mobility LANDESK Management Suite


    Mobility in LDMS 9.5sp2 to 9.6.x


    Installation and configuration
    Troubleshooting and Known Issues
    Currently Supports: iOS version 10.x+ , Android version 4.4 +LDMS Core not connecting to AOD
    Mobility Prerequisites : LANDESK Mobility Management Prerequisites Problem with enrolling a smart device on Avalanche

    Configuring your Firewall for LDMO

    Location Feature not Working on iOS Devices
    LDMS 9.6 Mobility SetupThe CSA provided is unreachable. Please verify the CSA address and network connection. Server is not available.
    AOD Ports and Device Connection InfoLDAP Enrollments Failing
    How to enroll an iOS deviceEnrollment Failed Error on iOS and Android
    How to enroll an Android device in AvalancheAdvanced Troubleshooting for LDMS/LDMO Connections to AOD
    How to change the interval for Inventory Syncs from AOD to the CoreLDAP enrolled devices not getting profiles
    How to change the LDMS Core that AOD is Connecting toMobInvUpServ.exe log growing fast

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