Where is the remote control log file located? / How to configure device-side logging on Remote Control

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    Remote Control 4.1


    Avalanche Remote Control 4.0 - 4.1

    Avalanche Mobility Center or Avalanche Site Edition 4.x - 6.0

    Avalanche Enabler


    • How do I configure device side remote control logging?
    • Where is the Remote Control log file located? (bottom of article)







    Text Instructions

    1. Open Avalanche Mobility Center / Avalanche Site Edition
    2. Select the profile that contains the remote control package
    3. Select the remote control package
    4. Click the Configure button
    5. Select Client Configuration and click launch [See screenshot below]
    6. RC_deviceside_log_setup.png
    7. In the logging section, select Debug Low


    The log should be located in the following area:

    • \Program Files\Wavelink\Avalanche\Apps\WLRMTCTL\RemoteControl.log