How to resolve issue where iOS device(s) certificate has expired

Version 2


    Your iOS device(s) have stopped functioning after October 2, 2013.



    1. You can't unlock or lock your iOS device from the Avalanche console


    2. You can't install profiles or payloads to your iOS device


    3. When looking at the Wavelink MDM profile on the device and you look at more details you will see the Apple Application certificate has expired on October 2, 2013.



    You will need to manually remove the Wavelink MDM profile from the device, and re-enroll into AOD. Follow these steps to re-enroll;

    1. On your iOS device go to settings/general/profiles and remove the Wavelink MDM profile

    2. Open Safari and use the tiny URL or group enrollment rule to re-enroll your device

    3. Your device will install a new Wavelink MDM certificate that isn't expired



    1. You can use the same enrollment rule that you previously used

    2. This is a one time event for your iOS devices