Mobile Self Service - Enabling Service Catalogue and Dropdowns with toggles.

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.7.x


    7.6.2 and above.




    You are running 7.6.2 want to be able to see Service Catalogue and Dropdowns in Mobile Self Service





    For Service Catalogue

    To enable Service Catalogue in Mobile Self Service, set the "ServiceCatalogue" toggle in the Self Service tps.config to "Enabled".

    If it is not present, add the following XML to your Self Service tps.config in the <toggles> section:


         <toggle name="ServiceCatalogue" value="Enabled" />




    For Dropdowns

    To enable dropdowns in Mobile Self Service, set the "ShowMssDropdowns" toggle to "Enabled" in both the Self Service tps.config file AND the Web Access tps.config.

    If it is not present in these locations, add the following XML to the tps.config files in the <toggles> section:


    <toggle name="ShowMssDropdowns" value="Enabled" />




    "I don't have a <toggles> section in my tps.config file."

    If you have upgaded to 7.6.2 the <toggles> section will not be present in your tps.config files and needs to be added after </appSettings> and before </configuration>, as below:




        <toggle name="ServiceCatalogue" value="Enabled"/>

        <toggle name="ShowMssDropdowns" value="Enabled" />