Mandatory terms and conditions agreement on window

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    Service Desk 7.7.x



    We would like to have users to confirm on a request window that they agree/have read the terms and conditions shown on the window. We have tried using a checkbox but even though this is mandatory,  the user can still leave this blank and save the window. How can we ensure users have accepted the terms and conditions?




    A Checkbox will fulfil the mandatory property even if the box is ticked and then un-ticked. This is because both 'True' (ticked) and 'False' (un-ticked) are both valid entries. A better way to implement an agreement confirmation on a window would be to use a reference list. Create a new reference list object in Object Designer i.e. 'Agreement ref' with a Name attribute that is string size that will contain the acceptance text i.e. 'I agree to terms & conditions'. Create a relationship to Request by dragging the new object onto the Request object and select 'No' to 'create a collection'. Create a new window for Agreement Ref in Window Manager. Add the related attribute on to the Request window and make it mandatory so a selection has to be made. Then in Administration create a single entry for the new object 'Agreement ref'' with the agreement text in the Name attribute i.e. 'I agree to terms & conditions'.


    Now on the Request window, the user has to select from the 'Agreement ref' dropdown the single entry 'I agree....' before they can save.