Why would I want to limit to UDD only

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5


    LDMS 9.0, LDMS 9.5



    Customer would like to a LDMS user to only be able to deploy agent to Machine discovered by UDD.

    That user should not be able to see other managed node from the network view.

    Customer used a LDAP query to assign a scope to the user.

    Machine were not listed under the "all devices" section of an Agent deployment scheduled task when dragged and dropped from UDD tool

    However the machines were listed as targets when looking into the scheduled task properties.





    LDAP Query on a Scope will not work is that LANDesk gets this data from the Inventory.

    When a UDD Scan comes LDAP is not a part of information that is returned in a UDD scan.

    That means LANDesk can’t determine if the machine is in scope, so it won’t appear.




    You can do LDMS Query Scope based on IP as we do collect this from the UDD Scan. Example:

    "Computer"."Network"."TCPIP"."Address" Like "192.168"


    User can then drag the UDD device into the task, Refresh the Scope from the Network view and the devices become visible in the main Task Window.


    The refresh of the scope is MANDATORY