TelnetCE: Scanning extra characters with the Universal TE and an External Scanner / Basic COM PORT Settings

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3


    Universal Telnet Client v7.3.140,

    Honeywell Thor (VM1 VM2 VM3)

    Windows XP device, External Scanner, with the FreeFloat*One Scanwedge program on the device.

    Windows 7 Embedded


    Problem / Issue:

    When scanning in the Telnet client, the scan of the barcode adds extra characters. Putting in characters between the actual barcodes characters.



    Device has no scanner built in the device, so you will need to configure the scanner for the Telnet. In the configurations there is an option for setting up com ports.






    Here are steps to allow the external scanner to work while in Telnet.


    1. 1) Turn Off (“Unload”) the currently running FreeFloat Link*One Wedge Application
    2. 2) Set the following Emulation Parameters
      1. a.       Com Port -> Com Port Ignore Nulls -> Yes
      2. b.      Com Port -> Com Port for IO -> Left at COM1
      3. c.       Com Port -> Com Port Mode -> Scanner
      4. d.      Com Port -> Com Port Parity Mask -> 7F
      5. e.      Com Port -> Use Com Input/Output ->Yes
      6. f. Emulation->Keyboard->Sticky Keys -> No
    3. 3) Plug the scanner into the COM1 Port
    4. 4) Restart the Thor so that it recognizes the COM Device


    For the Bluetooth scanners I had to perform the following additional steps

    1. 5) Scan the “Cradle Host” bar code from the DS3578 Reference guide to force the scanner to try and pair with a cradle
    2. 6) Scan the Pairing bar code on the cradle to Pair the scanner
    3. 7) Plug one of DS3508 (tethered scanner)’s cable into the Bluetooth cradle,  with the other end in the COM1 port of the Thor
    4. 8) Restart the Thor so that it recognizes the COM device (not hot-swappable)