How to troubleshoot scheduled task stuck in active status

Version 7


    LDMS9.0 SP3 or later



    Your schedule task will be stay active status and never finish.


    Error message and Logs needs to check:

    1. In C:\ProgramData\LANDesk\Log\LANDesk.Scheduler.GlobalScheduler.Skeleton.log

    You may see the following exception:

    Line 10767: 08/20/2013 15:17:12 INFO 14776:1 RollingLog : <MachineName> : Exception in GlobalSchedulerSkeleton: '', hexadecimal value 0x02, is an invalid character. Line 5, position 22.

    Line 10768: 08/20/2013 15:17:12 INFO 14776:1 RollingLog : <MachineName> : at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.Throw(Exception e)


    2. In the global scheduler log you may see the following:

    <MachineName> has completed task with status 8 (An exception occured processing the delegated task.)


    3. There is a .pmf file that is created for the scheduled task. It can be found in managementsute\landesk\file named corename-task-#.pmf. Where corename is the corename, and # is the task ID. Review that file to see if there are invalid characters looks like this:


    <target deviceId="xxxx" computerIdn="xxxx" />




    The schedule task stacked at active status because of the exception, the task will not continue. The exception was because there was some invalid charicters contains in the "device ID"



    1. Delete the machine from All device list.

    2. Then follow the steps in this document to clear the device ID on the machine.