"Landesk Antivirus Action Center" Inquiry

Version 3


    There are three red Xs on the first three bold text notifications but the last one is checked.  Antivirus isn't used at all so can I make this go away permanently or is there something I need to do?



    This pop-up is just information about your LANDesk Antivirus configuration.


    The first bold notification informs you that when you install the LANDesk Antivirus it will remove any existing Antivirus on the client machine will be removed. It just wants you to acknowledge that you understand that.


    The second bold notification informs you whether or not you have a valid AV license key installed.


    The third bold notification asks how often you want to verify your clients are nearing expiration and allows you to modify how often it checks.


    The last bold item notification indicates whether or not your definitions are current and provides an option to download the most recent updates.


    If any of these options are not validated (green checks) it will pop up and inform you. That being said there should be a checkbox at the bottom of the window indicating "Automatically show this dialog if antivirus actions are required. If this checkbox is uncheck you should no longer see the notifications pop-up.


    I would check licensing to see if you have a LANDesk Antivirus subscription. This can be done by going to Start > All Programs > LANDesk > Core Server Activation > Licenses. This view will give you a full detail of all licensing, the version, nodes, and expiration dates. If in fact you do not you should be fine to uncheck the box in question and not have problems as a result of doing so.


    Listed below is a link to our LANDesk Antivirus Action Center / Licensing help page:



    This page should be able to answer any other questions you might have surrounding this matter.