Guide to Importing and Merging New Computers with Data Analytics - Data Translation Services

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    In this guide we will walk-through creating an Import Data Rule. These rules are typically the most straight-forward rules to set up, however there are a couple tricks you will want to keep in mind. The following guide outlines the 3 steps that you will want to make sure you include in your importing process, feel free to experiment from here.


    Step 1: Import new computers into LDMS.

    Note* There are various ways to import a computer from Data Analytics into Management Suite.

    This includes the following: (but not limited too)

    B2B Connectors

    Barcode Web Forms

    Barcode CSV Imports

    Import Data

        *Import Data is special as it includes multiple ways to custom build your import. You can use SQL, Oracle, ODBC, and even Excel to import data with.

    SCCM Import


    To create a new Import you can use the navigation pane on the left in Data Translation Services and find the Import Data rules. Once found you can expand the tree by selecting the + sign next to the rule type. Then you can right click on the All Rules folder and select New Rule. When you've opened a new rule it will ask you to name the rule, then the location that you want to import data into (Options are Management Suite or Asset Control). By default the rule will use Management Suite > Computer Data and we will use this option in this guide. The next pane will have you specify your data source. In this guide I will be using a CSV as my source however you can use whatever source you like as this process is largely the same for each type.


    My CSV file I am importing from is a really simple four column file.

    I've mapped the columns to the following locations in inventory:


    Please note that ScanType is set as a static value. In this case it's set to "Vendor Import"


    Once all your values are mapped you can move on to the next pane where you will be asked to select a rule group to run when the data is imported. Selecting a rule group depends on your specific situation and depending on what machines you are importing and if you expect to run any other additional custom rules after the machines are imported.



    Step 2: Deploy LANDesk Agents and submit inventory from new computers.

    As with anything in LANDesk there are multiple ways to execute a particular task. In this guide we will pretend that someone had gone to the machine an installed the agent by hand. *Please keep in mind that you can execute this using provisioning tasks or various other things. However an agent deployment guide is outside the scope of this document. Please review the following page for Agent Deployment Strategies: Ivanti Endpoint Manager and Endpoint Security - Agent Deployment Landing Page


    Step 3: Patience, Grasshopper!

    Now that the Agent has been installed on the device the first thing the agent should do is submit a full-scan or mini-scan to your core's inventory. At this point you will want to check to see if your new inventory for your devices have the Computer.Barcode field populated. Often with Import Data rules, they can be set up but not import data to the correct places in inventory. Without the barcode field being populated correctly, this will cause inventory to create a new record for your device and not merge the data with the existing record you created, leaving duplicate devices.


    If this duplicate device issue happens to you, then you will want to find a way to copy the serial to the barcode field in inventory(if it's not there already). Then make sure that the Computer.Barcode calculate rule is active, as long as both of those are set your devices should import and merge correctly.


    Update: The following conditions need to exist in order for Computer A to be merged into Computer B:


        1. Computer A must have the same value with Computer B on the Computer.Barcode attribute
        2. The Computer.Scan Type for Computer A needs to be one of the three below:
          1. "Vendor Import"
          2. "MSDN Import"
          3. "Barcode", the [Compujter.Barcode Config] is one of the rules under "Barcode Web Form" group, and the setting "Create new device if not exist" is checked like below:
            1. Barcode.png