Is there a report that will provide agent change information?

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    Is there's a report I can create or run that will provide information surrounding agent configuration changes?  My IT department is trying to prevent unauthorized agent configuration changes and deployment to a device in order to gain access to confidential information.  The report should cover if an agent configuration has been changed, if has been deployed to a managed device and when.



    Enable console auditing to review changes using the instructions listed below:


    How To Create an Auditor User

    1.Login into the LANDesk Console as LANDesk Administrator 2.Under "Administration -> User Management" open the user in question and assign the "Auditing Configuration" and "Auditor" Role for the user in question.

    Should these Roles be missing in your console, please check on how to add those roles to your core.


    How To Enable single Actions to be audited

    1.Login into the LANDesk Console with an user which has the "Auditing Configuration" Role.

    2.Under the menu bar, choose "Configure -> Services", the Service Configuration window will open. Please note that the Audit options are only available if you open the Service Configuration via the console. If you use the Start Menu Entry, the necessary Audit configuration cannot be done.

    3.Goto to the "Audit Configuration" tab.

    4.Select the Action(s) you wish to Audit and click OK to save those to the database.


    How To get Reports on Audited user Actions


    1.Login into the console with an user, which hold the "Auditor" role.

    2.Goto "Administration -> Auditing" to get access to the Audit logs.

    3.Check the default Queries, or create custom queries.



    And in order to view jobs that have occured check the associated log file(s) in the C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\log folder to view scheduled tasks.