Studio Client is only showing a partial display

Version 3

    Environment: Studio Client v5.4.1.xx or v5.4.2.xx, devices with a "VGA" display.


    Problem: When in the Studio host the display is 1/4 the size. Outside of the client the display look fine.


    Cause: The Host is created for less pixel count displays (QVGA), so devices with the QVGA display look proper. When a device that has a VGA display connects, the image is on 1/4 of the display.


    Solution/ Workaround: You will need to go to the WlClient.cfg and change a configuration from InitialFullScreen=0 to InitialFullScreen=1.

    Here is an example step with the Configuration file on the PC.


    1. Locate the directory where Studio Client is installed.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Wavelink\Studio Client\Symbol 3100 WM 6.5

    2. Open the WlClient.cfg

    3. Change the from InitialFullScreen = 0 to InitialFullScreen =1

    4. Save the changes and push to device.