How To: Reset SLM Data and Recreate LDDA Products in SLM

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    How to reset SLM Data and recreate LDDA Products in SLM.


    Warning this will remove ALL SLM data so be sure to have a Database backup prior to running through the steps below. Use only if you want to reset data.


    Occasionally the need to reset SLM data and recreate LDDA products occurs. This usually occurs when you upgrade from a much older version of LDMS to a current version (I.E 9.0 >9.6). One of the most common times is duplicate SLM licenses, though other calculation errors can happen when the database is in this state. To reset your data in SLM you can do the following:


    (Note: if you have a lot of time invested in SLM customization you may want to find another solution as this will reset all SLM/DA data back to factory defaults.)


    1. Close the console.
    2. Stop the Inventory Service.
    3. Run this Statement against the DB


         (the following is for SQL)


    delete from SLM_LicenseGroupingREF

    delete from SLM_ProductGroupingREF

    delete from SLM_LicenseProductREF

    delete from SLM_ProductUsageFile

    delete from SLM_SoftwareLicense

    delete from SLM_SoftwareLicense


    delete from ProductFile

    delete from ProductComputer

    delete from ProductHash

    delete from ProductRules

    delete from product


    delete from DA_ProductLookup



    *If running LDDA 9.51 or older the last line changes from delete from  DA_ProductLookup to delete from MP_ProductLookup.



    1. Relaunch the console.
    2. In DTS, go to license software, right click on licensed software and select add license software to SLM
    3. When that completes, got to Software License Import, right click on that and select Import software license lookup Information.
      1. Browse to the Management Suite/mp.xml directory and select the productlookup.xml
    4. After that runs, open the SLM Console, go to administration->Calculations and recalculate.
    5. Then go into the monitored list and verify all the duplicates are gone. (should see ~1000ish items(depending on LDDA version))
    6. Restart the Inventory service
    7. Give it a day for all the background processes to run an update as needed.
    8. Then run a full sync scan on all devices to populate all the additional data needed.
    9. Reimport any licenses needed.