How to set up a Secondary Server in Avalanche Mobility Center

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 5.3

    How to set up a secondary server in Avalanche Mobility Center (AMC)



    1. Open Avalanche

    2. Navigate to the profiles tab

    3. Select the Default Mobile Device Server Profile

    4. Clieck Edit

    5. In the bottom right hand side of the profile, check both boxes in the Secondary Server's settings.

    6. Click on the secondary servers

    7. Add the IP addresses of the back up servers you'd like to have your device connect to if your main AMC server is unavailable.




    1. Create a network profile that connects the device to the AMC server at the Server location where your device is

    2. Make sure the device receives the network profile

    3. Set up alternative IP addresses in the Secondary Server area of the Mobile Device Server Profile