Avalanche log file info for Troubleshooting

Version 2

    Please gather the indicated logs below depending on which issue you are working on.


    Standard Avalanche server issues please gather the logs using the support generator, and provide a backup for most issues, in addition to this you may also need the logs below.  To do this select the Quick start guide tab from the java console.  Then from the bottom right select the Support Generator link and follow the prompts.  To create a backup select Tools>Task Schedule once in the task wizard select System Backup, and then follow the prompts. Once the backup is complete the file is located in the default install location\AvalanacheMC\backup folder. If you are running external database you will also need to provide the database backup as well.


    Mobile device issues. Please first enable debugging then gather the log.  To enable debugging select profiles>mobile server profile.  Then edit the applied profile and change the Logging Level to Debug. Once you have done this do a deployment to the mobile device server, then duplicate the issue.  Once duplicated in debug mode you can then set the logging level back to info.  To gather the mobile device server logs you can right click on the mobile device server from the java console and select retrieve logs.


    Web Console including issues with reporting please provide logs from: “[Avalanche installation directory]\WebUtilities\Tomcat\logs” NOTE:  You need to stop the Tomcat service to get all the log messages.


    For Infrastructure issues you will need to gather the following from the Infrastructure Server itself.

    The logs directory: [Default install location]\MM\Program\logs

    The following files from the “[Default install location\MM\Program” folder: agentsvc.ava, agentsvc.cfg, agentsvc.ext.cfg, network.xml, device.cfg, wavelink.lic


    For lists of the Avalanche MC log files and their descriptions:


    Avalanche Log File Locations

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