Escalate to CSMaction on the portal

Version 2

    For customers who have a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) there is now the option to escalate a request directly to them via the support portal.


    In order to do this:


    PLEASE NOTE: You can only escalate requests with an Open status and which have a severity of P1 or P2.

    • Click on the View Requests option in order to open your list of Requests.
    • Locate the Request that you need to escalate and open this record.
    • You will see an Escalate to CSM button.


    • Click this button and fill in the reason why you need to escalate this request.


    • Your CSM, the support owner of this request and their manager will be automatically notified of your escalation reason.
    • The escalation reason can then be viewed via the portal as a case comment.