LANDesk Data Analytics 9.52 content update

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    LANDESK Management Suite 9.5

    What is in LANDesk Data Analytics (LDDA) 9.52 after content Update


    Important note:
    With the release of LDDA 9.53 this document will no longer be maintained or updated all future content release information can be found in the following Document:
    LANDesk Data Analytics 9.53 content update
    For the time being the content listed in LDDA 9.53 should continue to work on an LDDA 9.52 install, this is subject to change without further notice. It is recommend that you upgrade to LDDA 9.53 as soon as possible.




    This lists the updated/add content to LDDA 9.52. For more information about LDDA please see: LDDA 9.5.


    For more information on how to get LDDA content updates please see:  How to enable content updates in LDDA 9.52


    Note: if you are not running LDMS 9.5 sp1 and above you will have to manually update content. You can do so by grabbing the zip attached to this document and running content.exe - this is to be done on the CORE server only and should only be done if not on LDMS 9.5 sp1.


    January 30, 2014 Update (Patch Build 220)
    Licensed Software Updates
    • Added Synergex PVCS.
    • Added Averna Proligent.
    • Added Oracle Hyperion products.
    • Added Nuance eCopy.
    January 17, 2014 Update (Patch Build 201)
    Licensed Software Updates
    • Added Datawatch Monarch 11.
    • Added a number of Nuance products.
    • Added IBM SPSS.
    • Added Absolute Computrace and Manage.
    • Added Infor products.
    • Added suites to Autodesk products


    January 2, 2014 Update (Patch Build 181)
    Licensed Software Updates
    • Added Symantec Endpoint 12.1.
    • Fixed Winzip .5 rules.
    • Added Microsoft Project Server 2002, 2003
    • Added Microsoft Virtual PC for Macintosh
    • Added several new Roxio products.


    Other Rules
    • Updated Adobe B2B due to website change.



    December 12, 2013 Update (Patch Build 173)

    Licensed Software Updates

    • Added several new WinZip products.
    • Updated Microsoft Lync to include the executable.
    • Added Adobe Lightroom 5
    • Added VMware Workstation 10 and updated the VMware rules to include executables.


    Note: Includes all previously released content


    November 28, 2013 Update (Patch Build 164)

    Licensed Software Updates

    • Updated Microsoft SQL Server rules to ignore Evaluation editions.
    • Added many Corel products.
    • Added Scooter Software Beyond Compare.
    • Added Insperity OrgPlus.
    • Added Minitab Quality Companion.
    • Added Adaptive Engineering Concourse.
    • Added Symantec PGP Desktop and Endpoint Encryption.


    Other Rules

    • Added Toshiba Warranty lookup rule.



    • Update Microsoft Per Processor and Core Licensed Products
    • SLM Report with Expandable Detail now lists never instead of 1/1/1970 if a product was never used.